Our Services

Yapster e-Learning, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring a successful implementation of e-Learning into each organization we work with. Our experienced consultants provide clients with creativity, tools, and support required to get their e-Learning programs up and running efficiently.

Welcome to Yapster e-Learning

At Yapster e-Learning, Inc. our mission is special and all-important. We have the challenge of presenting your organization with time and cost-efficient learning opportunities. Along the way, we offer tireless consultation to assist you in making the best decisions to optimize your learning programs.

Consider this: With the products that we provide, your organization will not only be able to take advantage of a proven method of retaining valuable knowledge, you are also leveraging all your investments that have been made in hardware, software and cabling – your entire infrastructure! Online learning with Yapster eLearning is an investment that makes sense.

The professionals at Yapster e-Learning, Inc. have specialized in bringing e-Learning solutions to corporations, educational and government institutions. We partner with leading content providers to present to you the most effective and widest range of products available. With this robust line, we’re able to objectively assess your organization’s requirements and select the optimal solution for each individual’s needs. Some of the major factors considered include customers’ current/future training priorities and initiatives, methods of deployment, “corporate culture”, and budget.

Our Vision

To be the leading “one stop shop” for learning and training courses in the Philippines and eventually globally. To be branded as the “learning mall” of the world, offering convenience to the learning and training public.

Our Mission

In the pursuit of innovation and excellence education, Yapster e-Learning, Inc. is the pioneer in Technology Based Training (TBT). Yapster e-Learning, Inc. provides universally-accredited learning at a pace that suits the individual. Our mission is to be the premiere Asian provider of TBT and education, providing a “one stop shop” for learning and training courses to the world. Yapster e-Learning, Inc. aims to educate the Philippines about the benefits of online training/learning. We will continually add more substance to the catalog by offering more subject matter and enhance value-added services offered to the students through partnerships and affiliation. Our ultimate goal is to be the “learning mall” of the Philippines and the world by delivering the most dynamic course catalog and value-added services to the learning public.

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