Yapster Opens Training Center in Davao

Learning indeed is a continuous process. Maximizing the use of technology is now the trend: technology untiringly lets us discover new ideas, encourage creativity, foster advancement, and provide time-friendly learning atmosphere that allow each one of us to expand knowledge. All these advantages help us upgrade our level of learning, giving us the edge to land the job that we aim for. Aside from this, most organizations nowadays would upgrade their systems at regular intervals in order to reduce costs and meet the performance need. Many professionals crave for skills enhancement; yet they rarely have time to go back to school, sit and listen to an instructor while topics are discussed.

We here at Yapster e-Learning, Inc., are highly determined to assist your organization in creating time and cost-efficient learning opportunities. As we proceed to the path of your organization’s improvement, we will provide you with tireless consultation to assist you in making the best decisions to optimize you learning programs. With e-Learning – more specifically with us – your organization will not only be able to offer employees a proven aid in retaining valuable knowledge, but you are also leveraging on all investments made in hardware, software, cabling – your entire infrastructure! Online learning is an investment that makes sense, and being with a company that has been providing it for a long time is a wise choice.

We, the professionals at Yapster e-Learning, Inc. specialize in bringing e-Learning solutions to corporations, as well as to educational and government institutions. We have partnered with leading content providers to present to you with the most effective and widest range of products available. With this robust line, we’re able to objectively assess your organization’s requirements and select the optimal solution for each individual’s needs. Some of the major factors considered include customers’ current and/or future training priorities and initiatives, methods of deployment, “corporate culture,” and budget.

Yapster e-Learning, Inc. strives to give learners the power to choose how they receive knowledge. We offer hundreds of courses, learning objects, and electronic reference tools that can be accessed directly over the Internet, over computer networks and Intranets.

Furthermore, we continue to implement new ways to utilize technology in enhancing the online learning experience. It is for this reason that we have partnered with the world’s pioneer in off-the-shelf content, Skillsoft. Our partnership made it possible to offer more than 7,000+ titles of e-Learning courseware, over 58,000 eBook titles and thousands of IT videos and online learning resources. This has allowed Yapster to be well-positioned in continuing to provide for your organization’s complete training needs.

Your organization’s learning requirements are our highest challenge. Our long-standing relationships with clients are testaments to the service and quality commitment that we bring to each organization that we work with.

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